High-end, Double-sided print system using...

High-Quality, Double-Sided Printouts

Digital Information today announced plans to unveil the all new PP490 double-sided print system, an unprecedented print concept for automated output of double-sided photo book pages, color proofs, art reproductions, posters, point-of-sale prints, and other commodities at the upcoming Drupa tradeshow in Dusseldorf/Germany on May 3-16, 2012. The PP490 is designed to work with the popular Epson Stylus Pro 4900 inkjet printer and promises to deliver the highest-quality double-sided printouts up to DIN A2 or 17″x22″.

The PP490 is a critical new tool for photographers, photo studios, photo labs, service providers, pre-press departments and print shops needing to meet the greatest demand for excellence in double-sided printed products that require automatic output on the front and back.

Epson’s Stylus Pro 4900 inkjet printer sets the benchmark for print quality with its micro piezo print heads and UltraChrome HDR inks. With as many as eleven inks the printer covers unparalleled color space. In addition to CMYK, Light Cyan and Light Magenta, there is a further addition to the palette consisting of Matte Black, two hues of gray, green and orange.

The PP490 works with inkjet paper sheets. A sophisticated pneumatic system lifts the sheets from a supply compartment which can hold up to 500 sheets and transports each sheet to the printer. Upon completion of printing on the face, the sheet is turned and automatically fed back into the printer for printing on the backside. When the printing process is complete, the PP490 deposits the double-sided printouts into a collection tray.

To drive the printer through RIP, color management, and workflow, Digital Information has developed control software with an interface for handling Epson’s ESC/P2 file format.

Please visit Digital Information at the legendary ColorBar, in Hall 8B, Booth B02 at Drupa 2012 for a demonstration of the new PP490 system prototype to witness firsthand the impressive performance of this latest innovation from Digital Information. The PP490 will be available at the end of the summer 2012.

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