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We are very satisfied with the results obtained with Digital Information solutions, in addition to the improvement in the work we deliver to clients, we have saved a lot of time and material.

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RR Donnelley

Menasha, Wisconsin / EUA

RR Donnelley is a customer of Digital Information’s InkZone Ink- Presets and Closed Loop technology, having invested in the solution for their sheetfed press, along with the X-Rite IntelliTrax scanning instrumentation, a few years ago through CMYK Distributors. RR Donnelley understands the value that InkZone brings to the pressroom in terms of automation, reducing waste, and increasing productivity. Featuring the ability to monitor trends and track job history, utilization of a rollback feature to revert ink key positioning, and the creation of ink key preset line- arization curves based on measurement data, running InkZone on their sheetfed Komori 40″ press enables RR Donnelley to realize substantially shorter makeready time and a remarkable reduction in paper waste, paired with considerably-improved color quality.

Wograndl Druck

Mattersburg / Áustria

InkZone Inline retrofits legacy, as well as new sheetfed and web printing presses from various manufacturers with up-to-date inline color measurement technology. Combined with InkZone Loop, Digital Information’s proven automatic color control system, InkZone Inline enables older printing presses to achieve incredible gains in efficiency and print quality.

Traditionally, color measurement is performed offline at the offset press control console on the printed sheet. InkZone Inline, however, revolutionizes this process by integrating a color measurement system directly into the printing press. InkZone Inline constantly measures the color control strip as part of the running printing process.

The combination of InkZone ink-key presets and InkZone Inline color control is significant, bringing to nearly all sheetfed and web offset presses a remarkable reduction in paper waste and make-ready time. Simultaneously, InkZone Inline helps users to achieve perfect color consistency throughout the complete printing process.


Iaşi / Romênia

At Masterprint in Iași/Romania, another successful InkZone installation! One of the many thousands of InkZone connections worldwide. InkZone reduces makeready times and paper waste for increased productivity in offset printing. Installation and training were carried out by long-time DI sales partner, Digital Print Solutions.

Left and right: Attila Szocz and Dan Podaru from Masterpint. Middle: Marius Dinica, Managing Director of Digital Print Solutions Romania.


Oberwart / Áustria

Europrint is a fast moving printing company in Oberwart (Austrian state of Burgenland) at the beautiful banks of the Pinka River. In the market since 1992, Europrint specializes today in sustainable graphic production, packaging, and food-safety-print industry.

Recently Europrint invested in the InkZone ink key preset and closed loop color control product suite from Digital Information for their Komori press. Local sales, installation and training was carried out by long time InkZone sales partner Go4Color from Germany.

Faster press setup, less paper waste, and a stable production run in high quality: No wonder press specialist Kàroly Örsi at Europrint is smiling!

Coburn Carton Solutions

Hayesville, Ohio / EUA

Coburn, Inc. is a large format facility with the flexibility and technology to provide superb service and quality at a competitive price.
Upon recommendation from a dealer, Coburn, Inc. con- tacted CMYK Distributors, Inc. and they were introduced to Swiss manufacturer Digital Information’s InkZone product line. CMYK Distributors, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Digital Information products in the United States and the leading distributor and installer of graphics and printing products that bring automation and waste reduction technology to the industry.

Based on Coburn’s workflow needs and pressroom configuration, DI-Plot, InkZone Perfect and InkZone Loop were added to their two Nebiola presses, which are attached to X-Rite IntelliTrax scanners.

Coburn, Inc. immediately began realizing the benefits of InkZone. In only three months, they have seen a 30% decrease in virgin paper waste from 500 sheets to 350 sheets and they have consistently reduced makeready time up to 20%. The combination of the ink presets and closed- loop technology are proving to be an enormous asset to the company in helping to refine and train in their pressroom. This winning solution is helping the Coburn, Inc. pressroom team to “kick it up a notch” in their understanding and application of densitometry and spectral data.