Digital Information at DRUPA 2024

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Digital Information will be unveiling improvements to its existing InkZone ink key preset and closed loop color control solution at Drupa 2024 in Hall 7A, booth A09.

DI Exhibits at Drupa 2024:

InkZone Product Suite v10

We demonstrate the upcoming InkZone release v10 on different stands using various scanning spectrophotometers. At each station, the products IZ-Plot, IZ-Perfect, IZ-Loop, IZ-Move, IZ-Report, and IZ-TVI are showcased. The list of new feature includes an automated color bar creator, the G7 metrics, the ink-key opening curves for individual ink-keys, target density priority for 3rd party scan application, a further polish of the UI and more.

InkZone Press Connection

We are proud to introduce the newest addition to our extensive range of offset press connections: the exciting InkZone Instant Link. This innovative product seamlessly integrates with Heidelberg CP2000® and Press Center® consoles via network connection, streamlining your press operations.

InkZone Inline

The showcase by Digital Information InkZone software and Grapho Metronic inline color measuring system is a significant advancement for the printing industry. This system’s ability to measure color bars inside the press during the print run and continuously control the offset press ink keys is a testament to the innovation in print technology. It enhances accuracy, reduces waste, and improves overall print quality by ensuring that color consistency is maintained throughout the print run.

InkZone with X-Rite Intellitrax

It’s our high-end, non-contact, automated spectrophotometer scanning device. Digital Information’s state of the art InkZoneMove color scanning software or InkZoneCockpit supports various X-Rite spectrophotometer such as the Intellitrax 2, the eXact AutoScan EAS and the new eXact2.

InkZone Vacuum with Techkon’s SpectroDrive

Engineered for precision, our IZVacuum for SpectroDrive is a trusted solution by press operators for securing substrates prior to scanning. It ensures a consistent print run, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency with every job.

InkZone ColorTrail with Techkon SpectroJet

Seamlessly combining automated color bar scanning with a powerful vacuum system, our system is anchored with the SpectroJet spectrophotometer. With the addition of an optional digital camera, it guarantees meticulous control strip alignment and delivers immediate notifications for any measurement anomalies. Embrace unmatched productivity with our mid-range priced color scanning system.

InkZone ColorTrail with the Konica Minolta Myiro-1

Offering another mid-range solution, this system provides highly affordable and automated color bar scanning tailored for small format offset presses. The IZ Vacuum feature ensures secure fixation of various substrates. Overall, the system boasts an impressive price-to-performance ratio with a return on investment achievable within just a few months.

InkZone Industry 4.0

The InkZone API and the InkZone SheetCounter are designed to integrate press room production data seamlessly with the Management Information System (MIS). This connectivity ensures that real-time production data is accurately reflected in the MIS, enabling better tracking, analysis, and reporting of press performance. It’s a smart way to enhance operational efficiency and data management in the printing industry.

The Digital Information team is looking forward to a successful event at Drupa 2024 and an exciting event for all of us!

Press Center and CP2000 are trademarks of Heidelberg Druckmaschinen AG and are used here to identify the products which InkZone Instant Link is compatible with.

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