InkZoneMove 8
  • Table of Contents
Table of Contents
1. Screens Online Manual
1.1. Measurement View
1.1.1. Navigation Bar Job Setup and Commands Ink-key Regulation Modifier Reuse targets from existing Job Colorbar View IntelliTrax XY coordinates IntelliTrax XY sample Target-Setup View Scoring View
1.1.2. Density Relative View Target Density Change Target Density for Single or Grouped Keys Key Group Selection Change Target Density with <Group Ink-Keys> feature
1.1.3. Density Absolute View
1.1.4. Colorimetric View
1.1.5. BestMatch View
1.1.6. Dotgain Curve View
1.1.7. Dotgain View
1.1.8. Gray View
1.1.9. Overprint View
1.1.10. Paper View
1.1.11. Mask Ink-Key & Units Masked view
1.1.12. Job Status OK-Sheet Modify OK-Sheet
1.1.13. Job Measurement Overview
1.1.14. Ink-Key Colorbar Patch View Single Patch View
1.1.15. Measure and Transfer Button
1.1.16. Spot Measurement
1.1.17. Select scoring set
1.2. Software Setup
1.2.1. Press Setup Press Machine Setup Advanced Press Settings Press with Perfector Web Press Setup Ink-Key Groups Add - Edit Key Group
1.2.2. Colorbar Setup
1.2.3. Targetset & Print Tolerance Setup Edit Color Tolerance for Mid-tone and Sheet Consistency New Targetset Calibration Curve InkzonePerfect Edit Targetset Standards ISO 12647-2:2013 Paper Types TVI Curves
1.2.4. Spotcolor Setup Spot Color View
1.2.5. Scoring Setup Scoring sample - Solids only Scoring sample - Solids and TVI Scoring Criteria
1.2.6. Scanning Device Setup ColorStation Demo Instrument Setup for Demo Purposes EasyTrax GraphoMetronic IntelliTrax IntellTrax2 SpectroDrive Slope Calibration SpectroJet Encoder wheel Scan Parameter Setup Sheet Orientation Sheet Orientation IntelliTrax Measurement Conditions M0 - M1 - M2 - M3 Instrument Server IZQuatro eXact Connect by Bluetooth Connection Status Laser On White Base Calibration SpectroDens
1.2.7. System Setup Central Database Sample InkZoneMove with Centralized Database Firewall Setup Database IZTVI User Management
1.2.8. Data Export Setup Export Enable-Disable XML Export SVF Export Alwan Export Sakurai QCViewer Export CTP Curve Optimization Export rules IZTVI PDF Report Template E-Mail Schedule
1.2.9. License Information
1.2.10. License Loader
1.3. Jobs
1.3.1. Home
1.3.2. New Job Spot Color Setup Colorbar Setup for Spots Advanced Job Settings IntelliTrax Graphometronic Job Setup
1.3.3. Job List Export Job Delete Job Export Job Database
1.4. IZReport
1.4.1. Setup
1.4.2. Views Job List Production Report Summary Sheet Report Summary Sheet Reports Trend on Density Trend on Lab and TVI Sheet Reports with Lab PDF output
1.5. IZQuatro v3
1.5.1. IZQuatro setup
1.5.2. eXact Setup at Workstation
1.5.3. User Interface
FAQ section
Computer with 2 monitors
Send e-mail with Google Mail server
Exclude paper white patches with Intellitrax
Exclude paper white patches with IZTrack - SpectroJet and SpectroDens
Shifted ink-key alignment
Startup error MSVCR100.DLL
Prevent ink-key adjustment for invalid data by setting up density threshold parameter
Add a handheld device for spot reading
eXact - White Base Calibration
How to migrate job database to a new disk
Video tutorial