Digital Information is a Swiss company with its head office in Zurich. As a developer of innovative hardware and software solutions for the graphics industry, we have achieved great success in the world market during the past 18 years. We work as a tight-knit team, the composition of which has remained stable over that period. When it comes to new ideas, however, our energy and creativity are even greater.

To drive the progress and quality of our niche products a step further, we are seeking, with immediate effect or by arrangement, a

Software Developer

This interesting vacancy is aimed at those returning to the workplace, parents with family commitments, or other dedicated individuals who enjoy working independently and appreciate a flexible balance between their private and professional lives. If you would like to reach your full
creative programming potential and you are also proficient in languages like C, C++ and/or Visual Studio, then you would be a good fit for our team. As far as your work location is concerned, we have no particular requirements, but would prefer applicants from the EU-27 region.

We offer exceptionally interesting employment that is secure over the long term, with a monthly salary plus one additional month’s salary annually and employee benefits. We will also supply all tools including hardware and software, as well as necessary communications equipment.

Interested? We’d like to see your CV/resume and your salary requirements. Please send detailed documentation to Mr. Michael Haenni, We look forward to hearing from you.

Digital Information
Technoparkstrasse 1
CH-8005 Zürich