InkZone Move and X-Rite’s eXact Auto-Scan


The new X-Rite eXact Auto-Scan.

Digital Information’s InkZone Move and X-Rite’s eXact Auto-Scan are bringing affordable color bar measuring and online offset press control to web and sheetfed printers worldwide.

Efficient Color Scanning of Press Sheets


Digital Information is pleased to announce full compatibility of the InkZone product suite with eXact Auto-Scan, X-Rite’s brand-new press sheet color scanning solution. The combined forces of these powerful solutions allow automated color control and retrofit for most offset presses installed in the field.

X-Rite’s new eXact Auto-Scan is a versatile color scanning solution that provides press room flexibility for measuring color with spot, manual, and automated scanning capabilities. The eXact Auto-Scan solution works with Digital Information’s InkZone product suite, which delivers ink key preset and closed loop color control to nearly all available web and sheetfed offset presses. More than 4000 InkZone offset press connections have been installed worldwide by Digital Information through their international network of sales partners.

 Watch the InkZone Move and X-Rite eXact Auto-Scan video clip on Youtube.

InkZone Move, the color scanning software component of the InkZone product suite, effectively supports the new eXact Auto-Scan, thus linking X-Rite’s newest, versatile color scanning instrument to the complete InkZone product line and virtually all offset presses.


InkZone Move enables the press operator to see all color details (Density, Delta E, TVI, Best Match, etc.) of a print job in real-time, via its state-of-the-art user interface. InkZone Move can also generate enhanced color reporting and link the X-Rite eXact Auto-Scan to many prepress workflows for controlling the TVI curve and exposing perfect offset plates.

The X-Rite eXact Auto-Scan driven by InkZone is an optimal color control solution that markedly enhances pressroom efficiency.

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