Digital Information at the ColorBar (Drupa 2012)


Digital Information Newslounge (3/2012).

Welcome to Digital Information’s ColorBar.


Digital Information to demonstrate enhanced InkZone solution & evolution in Preproofer functionality at ColorBar at Drupa 2012:

InkZone & Preproofer at the ColorBar     

Savvy print facilities recognize that InkZone technology breathes new life into old presses. With InkZone, a legacy printing press can function competitively with today’s newest multi-million dollar presses for in the five figure range – just a fraction of the cost of a new machine – extending the value of an existing press for many years. The InkZone suite consists of components for online ink-presets, closed-loop color control, and the connection of scanning measurement devices from Techkon and X-Rite allowing for real-time on-screen visualization of target and actual values. To date, there are more than 2,000 installations of the InkZone solution on printing presses by all established manufacturers in countries around the globe.

In addition, Digital Information recently announced a strategic alliance with System Brunner which adds InkZone Instrument Flight from System Brunner to the InkZone product suite of solutions. InkZone Instrument Flight represents a significant enhancement to InkZone’s already comprehensive list of functionalities by giving print facilities the choice to regulate color control according to ISO12647/PSO, G7, or System Brunner’s Globalstandard, which gives priority to gray/color balance.

Another enhancement to the InkZone family of products is the all new InkZone Report. This quality control tool protocols all relevant measured values and shows to what extent the print run adheres to the media standard used. The color information captured by InkZone Report can be made available via the Internet on an HTML server for display in a web browser on any workstation.

With Alwan Print Standardizer, calibration curves for the image-setter’s RIP workflow can be automatically generated from the color values measured by InkZone.

  Digital Information, Tecco und Just Normlicht together at Drupa 2012, Hall 8B, Stand B02.


In addition to InkZone, Digital Information presented the first Preproofer model to market more than a decade ago. Today, their double-sided proofer is indisputably the market leader. Several hundred Preproofers for the 4up and 8up formats are now in operation around the world. The system is continually developing and evolving through regular use of the latest Epson technology.

One of the Preproofer’s strongest advantages is the high registration precision between recto and verso. Output precision of the latest model is assured by a patented control system using a high-definition video camera integrated into both printers. Speed is another strong point of the Preproofer. Beyond the original scope of operational purpose for the Preproofer – double-sided proof printing – the Preproofer has become more and more a productive system for short run printing.

To learn more about the enhanced InkZone solution, as well as the Preproofer, and other exciting developments, please visit Digital Information at Drupa 2012 in Stand B02 in the new hall 8B, in the relaxed atmosphere of the legendary ColorBar, which is run in partnership with Just Normlicht and Tecco. Visit Digital Information at the Drupa trade show in Dusseldorf, Germany from May 3 to 16, 2012.