Digital Information Newslounge (2/2011).

Markus Hager of Appenzeller
Medienhaus Ltd: «We have always been
convinced about Digital Information’s
Preproofer technology».  
Since the end of 2010 Digital Information has been delivering their latest Preproofer generation to customers. The Epson-based double-sided imposition proofing system stands out against its predecessors with 40 percent faster print speed and extra precise front-to-back registration. Among the initial users to take full advantage of the new Preproofer developments are two familiar Swiss print shops: Jordi Ltd. located in Belp and Appenzeller Medienhaus Ltd. located in Herisau. 
Play it Safe 

Appenzeller Medienhaus Ltd. from Herisau, Switzerland have been working with the new Preproofer 770 since March 2011. They generate formproofs for two 20"x28" format presses and an A3 format machine on the single 4-up Preproofer system with a feed width of 23" (59 cm).

Markus Hager, head of prepress, describes the new Preproofer generation’s intelligent register control as an enormous advance due to its camera system employing a 128-bit code: «We use our formproofs not just for internal control – we also keep sending these folded-up printouts to our customers. Thus it is of vital importance that the quality of the proof is right in every respect and that includes front-to-back registration». Markus Hager continues about the unrivaled concept: «We have always been convinced about Digital Information’s Preproofer technology because only an imposed form proof, originating directly from the data RIPed for platesetter use, can give us the confidence that our on-press color okay will yield the same results. Compared with the previous Preproofer model we can now work at least twice as fast. This speed factor becomes even more important against the backdrop of ever shortening order times.»

  Klaus Gasser of Jordi Ltd: «Investing in
 a Preproofer system will pay for
 itself in a very short time».

When expanding their offset press production format from 4-up to 8-up, Jordi Ltd. in Belp have upgraded their plate production accordingly. At their newly-erected building a Preproofer 970 for the 8-up format delivers the imposed proofs for a new, perfecting eight-color press as well as for a two-color machine in A3 format. Since production started, approximately 6,000 printing plates have been imposed and proofed with the two-sided Preproofer.

Klaus Gasser was responsible for the printing plate production at the former location and worked with a Preproofer 740 there. He has always appreciated the possibility to check imposed print forms as two-sided digital proofs before they are sent to the platesetter. «With the hectic nature of each day, sometimes mistakes are discovered at the very last minute. In such a situation, the plates are already on press and the likely consequence will be downtime and higher costs. Prevention of bigger mistakes is obviously desired – for instance a job where errors are detected only after an order has been completed, with the only remedy being repeating the whole print run. We believe that investing in a Preproofer system will help us avoid just these sorts of issues, and therefore pay for itself in a very short time», the experienced professional declares.

The most prominent feature of the Preproofer concept is that it is based on the data that has already been calculated by the original imagesetter RIP, thereby guaranteeing full content and layout accuracy to the plates and accordingly to the print job. Unlike booklet proof solutions – which can only refer to single, isolated PDF pages and never to an imposed and RIPed print form as a whole – a Preproofer printout which has been printed on both sides in just one pass can easily been folded, cut, stitched, assembled with other forms and evaluated as if it were a printed sheet coming from the press delivery.

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