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Proofer as well as digital printing system: high performance in speed and output quality.
At the upcoming IPEX 2010 in Birmingham, UK, Digital Information will be presenting the latest generation of their Preproofer, the worldwide leading system for double-sided proofing. Equipped with Epsonís latest line of Stylus Pro large-format printers, again the new models bring a substantial increase in printing speed and color fidelity. In addition to double-sided proof production, the Preproofer has migrated to a low-cost digital printing system for short runs or advance editions.
The Proofer is the Press 

The double-sided proofing systems known as the Preproofer product line, from innovative Swiss systems developer Digital Information, enjoy great popularity around the world. Several hundred of these advanced systems, which are based on Epsonís large-format inkjet printers, have been installed by Digital Information and their global reseller network. At IPEX 2010, the latest generation of Preproofer technology will be presented, equipped now with Epsonís current and ultra-fast Stylus Pro 9700 model. The utilization of this new printer brings new capabilities to the Preproofer: in addition to double-sided proof production, the system has migrated to a low-cost digital printing system for short runs or advance editions .

The Preproofer system makes use of two identical printers, arranged one above the other at 180 degrees. This configuration permits the direct output of unattended, double-sided prints in real time, without the need to turn the paper. Perfect registration is guaranteed by a newly-developed control method: video cameras constantly monitor and synchronize production using a series of (128-bit) marks printed at the edge of the sheet. This innovative method assures high-precision, front-to-back registration without the need to supervise the printing activity. The roll-fed system has an automatic cutter that is activated after each double-sided print is complete .

The innovative system with video cameras maintains high precision back-to-front registration. 

The new Preproofer systems come in two configurations based upon Epsonís newest inkjet models: the 770/790 prints with a span of up to 22íí/56 cm (Stylus Pro 7700/7900), and the 970/990 (Stylus Pro 9700/9900) supporting up to 42íí/106 cm.

Each Preproofer size has two unique models which mirror the capabilities of the underlying Epson printer. While the Preproofer 770 and 970 models are designed for fast print speeds and high productivity, the 790 and 990 models offer brilliant, wide-gamut color reproduction via Epson print technology that makes use of eleven UltraChrome HDR pigmented inks.

With this variety of output formats, the Preproofer models can be aligned to create prints in formats rivaling most configurations of offset presses and postpress equipment used in the printing industry. What's more, each Preproofer includes DI-Plot, Digital Informationís bitmap-proofing software, which ensures the Preproofer can be easily integrated into any common prepress workflow. Now, innovative print shops can make use of the systems not only for high-quality double-sided proofing, but also as an entry-level solution for short-run digital printing, affording todayís printer a whole new range of highly-attractive application areas.

For more information, visit Digital Information at IPEX 2010 in Birmingham UK (May 18-29, 2010) at Stand 11-C239. More about Digital Information and our products you can find on

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