Digital Information Newslounge (1/2010).

Miami Beach welcomes all visitors
for the Graphics of the Americas
trade show.
Digital Information to unveil latest version of InkZone Move solution with integrated support for Techkonsís SpectroJet at Graphics of the Americas tradeshow:

Bienvenidos a Miami

Swiss manufacturer Digital Information announced that they will be unveiling the latest iteration of their renowned InkZone Move software solution, which now has integrated support for the SpectroJet spectro-densitometer by Techkon at Graphics of the Americas at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami, Florida on February 25 -27, 2010. Digital Information will be hosted by Grafix World in Booth 449 at the tradeshow.

SpectroJet is a semi-automated scanning spectrophotometer for the pressroom. The SpectroJet spectro-densitometer revolutionizes automatic measurements of print quality on print control bars, color wedges and test charts. InkZoneís newly-developed drivers for SpectroJet greatly enhance Digital Informationís existing product line.

The Techkon Spectrojet, driven by InkZone
 Move, is fast and easy to use.
Live demonstrations of the InkZone Move solution with SpectroJet will be presented at Booth 449 during the show. Global printers of all sizes are invited to see how Digital Informationís unique, cost-saving solutions can add a consistent interface to their existing workflows, instrumentation and press equipment. A wide range of new and legacy presses supported will be on display. And, visitors will be able to see first-hand how the measuring results of the SpectroJet spectro-densitometer are displayed using a common graphic format on the monitor. Users interested in interpreting simple density and dot gain values to gain control of process color printing can evaluate how InkZone can meet their pressroom control needs. Visitors interested in additional spectral measurings can see the capability of displaying CIELAB and corresponding Delta-E values, as specified in many printing industry standards.
Digital Information has seen worldwide success with its revolutionary products including InkZone Perfect, delivering state-of-the-art ink key presetting technology for almost all offset presses via network and InkZone Loop, the first closed-loop color solution for digital ink control on offset presses from all leading manufacturers.

Visit Grafix World, Digital Information and CMYK Distributors at Graphics of the Americas, Miami Beach Convention Center, Florida/USA, February 25 to 27, Stand 449.

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