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IZ Report converts scanned color values into HTML structure and displays the readings as graphical diagrams.


Want access to print quality reports from anywhere in the world using a common web browser?

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Digital Information introduces InkZone Report quality-control software for X-Rite (Intellitrax/Easytrax) and Techkon (Spectrojet/SpectroDrive) scanning instrumentation, as well as for the cutting-edge InkZone Move solution. InkZone Report revolutionizes print production by giving users the ability to monitor daily output to meet international industry standards such as ISO and G7 on any workstation via a local intranet or an HTML Internet server.

With InkZone Report, authorized users are guaranteed 24/7 worldwide access to information on the stability of their color printouts and impact variations on print product quality. By adding an Apache HTML web server, IZ Report gives users the flexibility to access color information from a local, directory-based intranet, as well as through the World Wide Web.

  Real-time information on the actual color accuracy of a print job and the difference from standard printing targets.


With InkZone Report, it is easy to verify color value positioning within defined tolerances. The densitometrical and spectrophotometrical values are measured and stored in a SQL database. InkZone Report then compiles HTML structured production protocols for single sheets, as well as for whole print jobs, based on these data files. With the click of a mouse, the desired report can be selected and viewed on an unlimited number of workstations running a standard web browser.

InkZone Report works with CMYK and spot colors and compares job target values (defined values) against the actual measured values of the solids (Lab and Delta E), dot gain, mid-tone spread and print substrate. The scanned color values are converted into HTML structure and displayed onscreen as graphic diagrams. Values lying outside of the defined margins can be easily identified on these diagrams and the user can immediately see the scanned color information as numerical values.

Sample data sets out of InkZone Report are available at

InkZone report is available immediately through authorized resellers worldwide.

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